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The David Hershberg Academic Scholarship

The David Hershberg Scholarship
For Summer Study Abroad 2016


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Download the Hershberg Scholarship Announcement

The Board of Directors of the World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana (WAC) is pleased to announce the David Hershberg Scholarship for international study in the summer of 2016.

The grant was established by the Hershberg family and is administered by the World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana. The WAC is an organization whose mission is to improve intercultural understanding through collaboration, coalition-building, diversified programming, and increased community involvement. A selection committee will evaluate applications on the basis of academic merit and the importance of study abroad for the personal, intellectual, and professional development of the candidate.

Scholarship funds of at least $1,500 can be used to help defray the costs of international travel, lodging, and maintenance for a period of at least 21 days of study or research outside the United States.



The purpose of this award is (1) to enable the recipient to have an international experience of at least 21 days outside the United States as part of his/her educational development and (2) to provide an opportunity for the recipient to further his/her knowledge of cultures, languages, and societies in other parts of the world.



Eligibility for this grant is limited to any full time degree seeking student currently enrolled in a degree program at any accredited institution of higher learning in Metro Louisville and contiguous counties in Kentucky and Indiana. It is also available to any full time degree-seeking student whose permanent residence is in the same area and attends an accredited institution of higher learning outside the area. (See below for a complete list of counties this applies to.)

Selected recipients of the David Hershberg Scholarship are required to prepare a 10-15 video or Powerpoint presentation of their overseas experiences, and present it at a WAC sponsored event.



Application deadline is February 19, 2016. Awards will be announced between end of March and early April 2016 for educational activities to take place between May and September 2016.



To apply for The David Hershberg Scholarship, candidates must submit all appropriate documentation to WAC which is to be received by no later than 4:00 pm on February 19, 2016. Hand-delivered sealed applications will be accepted up until that time.

Applications that do not have all requested material by February 19, 2016 will NOT be eligible for the award.

One (1) copy of each of following materials is required:

  • A resume indicating relevant academic and work experience plus any previous international experiences. Resume must contain name, both current and permanent addresses, email address and phone numbers. Clearly label which address is to be used for contact.
  • A personal statement (maximum 500 words) explaining the reasons for wishing to study abroad and outlining what the candidate hopes to achieve by participating in this program. The committee looks for creative programs that can make a positive contribution to society as well as to their academic program and career path.
  • A description of the educational activities to be pursued during the summer, e.g., research project, a language study program, work internship, course enrollment, or other.
  • A travel itinerary and estimated budget, specifying additional sources of funding to which he/she will have access and/or for which he/she intends to apply.
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation, at least one of which should be an academic reference on university letterhead. These letters must be submitted in a sealed envelope and sent separately by the instructor or person recommending the student to the address below; please note that letters of recommendation must be received by February 19, 2016. Faxed or e-mailed letters will NOT be accepted.
  • Official transcripts of all post-secondary education issued from university registrars. Transcripts are to be mailed directly from the university registrar offices in a sealed envelope to the address below.



Applications are accepted electronically or by mail.

  • By email (except for transcripts and recommendation letters): send completed applications in PDF file to, with the subject line, "Hershberg Scholarship 2016"
  • By mail:
    The David Hershberg Scholarship
    World Affairs Council
    200 West Broadway
    Suite 607
    Louisville, KY 40202





Southern Indiana:




The Hershberg Scholarship Awards were established by the Hershberg family and are administered by the World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The award is established in the memory of David Hershberg, a Louisville educator, mentor for thousands of students, and guiding force in the creation and development of the Louisville International Cultural Center (now the World Affairs Council of Kentucky/Southern Indiana).

Dr. Hershberg was a career faculty member in Romance Languages at the University of Louisville, and was a key part of the initial group which formed the Louisville International Cultural Center. He served as President of the Board and as a member of its Board of Directors until his death in December of 2002. He was an exceptional teacher and leader and was particularly known for his dedication to his students and their development.


Examples of past projects funded by the Hershberg Scholarship:

  • Research on climate change in Iceland
  • Participate in a renewable energy study abroad experience in Pamplona, Spain
  • Research project for the World Health Organization at the International Agency for Cancer Research in Lyon, France
  • Study in Ghana on stress levels of college students who study abroad in developing nations
  • Research in Ghana to compare health issues and barriers there with the US and Pakistan
  • Study intensive Mandarin Chinese courses in Taiwan, along with other language abilities to work on women's issues, such as combatting sex trafficking in Rural Asia and Latin America
  • Work in a molecular biology lab with a group at University College Dublin in Ireland, which contributes to the development of severe sepsis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and autoimmune diseases
  • Work as a community facilitator in Tanzania to refer and promote free or low-cost support services to community families through the local schools
  • Focus on global health initiatives and public health in Ghana by working with the local Tamale health department while also conducting independent epidemiological field research for a separate project
  • Travel to Amman, Jordan and study at the Qasid Institute for Classical and Modern Standard Arabic, with plans to work with refugees
  • Attend six-week internship in a medical clinic outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, followed by two weeks leading a Certificate in Teaching Mastery Workshop in Abuja, Nigeria through Teachers Without Borders
  • Travel to Paros, Greece, to create a virtual tour of the island to promote tourism and intercultural understanding
  • Research Sir Winston Churchill at King’s College University of London