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Travel with WAC and discover Iran in spring 2015!

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World Affairs Council of Kentucky & Southern Indiana


Iran: The Ancient land of persia – Celebrate norooz in Isfahan

 Led By Haleh Karimi

March 10 – 22, 2015


ore than five hundred years before Christ, Cyrus the Great founded one of the world’s first empires at Pasargadae. In the following centuries, invasions by Greeks, Arabs, Mongols, and Turks fed the Persian nation with rich and diverse cultural influences. Join World Affairs Council of Kentucky and Southern Indiana chair, Haleh Karimi, on a journey through Iran where vast monuments serve as vivid testament to the extraordinary history of the country. The name Persia, used by the ancient Greeks, is derived from the southwesterly province of Pars which was the cradle of the Persian Empire. It was here that the Achaemenids became the first kings of a united country. They built capitals at Pasargadae and Persepolis and ruled over territory which stretched from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea and from China in the east to the Mediterranean shores in the west. It is a welcoming country of contrasts, of glittering canals of water, of golden deserts punctuated by slender wind towers, crumbling clay-baked caravansaries, and everywhere a horizon pierced by mosques and turquoise minarets.


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